WTD120 - Dual Probe
Temperature Sensor (Wi-Fi)

WTD120 - Dual Probe Temperature Sensor (Wi-Fi). Ideabytes

Product Summary

The WTD120 is a Wi-Fi enabled high accuracy digital dual probe temperature sensor that can measure two different temperatures at same time, e.g. ambient and refrigerator temperature. It can be used in cold room/ storages, clean rooms in Pharma and food industry. The Web/Mobile app supports complete Device and User data management with Alerts and Alarms.

Typical Uses:
  • Refrigeration monitoring and failure detection
  • Restaurant food safety
  • Industrial temperature monitoring
  • Detect freezing temperatures to protect plumbing
  • Detect heat failure in second homes or remote buildings
  • General precision temperature sensor


Device Type
Wi-Fi Dual Probe

Sensor Model #

-40°C ~ 120°C

±0.5°C (-10~50°C)



  • 1.3" 128X64 OLED monochrome Graphical Display

  • Internal Li-Ion 2200 mAh battery with under/ over protection, up to 15 Hrs battery back-up to mitigate power failure •

  • Plug & Play Device

  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz

  • Internal Storage 150 days at sampling frequency of 5 mins

  • DC Input Voltage 5V/1A

  • IP Rated

  • Alerts, Analytics, Device Management, User Management, Parameter Rules Management

  • Web/mobile App., Dashboard, Reports, Alerts

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