Ideabytes - Healthcare
IoT solutions

Ideabytes provides a trusted technology platform for healthcare solutions that can help patient outcomes, optimize clinical operations, and improve manufacturing and supply chain operations. Out smart and secure IoT technology can help with almost every facet of healthcare business operation.

Easy Integration

With our combined hardware and software solutions, our IoT healthcare integration is seamless. Our solutions have been tried and tested and have been a key factor in numerous healthcare organizations to help them maximize their operational efficiency. We can quickly connect to existing data sources, health record systems, and research databases as well.

Smart Connections

You can bring all your devices together with the help of IdeaBytes Healthcare IoT technology. Our solution can provide advanced analytics and insights that can help your business reach a higher potential. With our apps and software, you can also view your new insights from multiple deviceshealth record systems, and research databases as well.

Applications of IoT in healthcare

24/7 Parent monitoring

Children who are away from home and need to check-in on their elderly parents can do so with a live camera feed and a two-way communication link.

Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring will allow you to provide continuous support for patients, even if a nurse isn’t right there. With our smart patient monitoring, you can have any staff alerted to an issue instantly.

In-home Care

With the growing population, in-home care has grown tremendously over the past few years. Our smart in-home care system allows you to provide constant support to patients in their own homes.

Smart Hospital Equipment

By connecting your equipment to our Healthcare IoT System you can gain new insights to equipment usage which can help with new equipment orders and management.

Smart Healthcare Offices

Create a more connected experience for both doctors and staff by enabling a proper support network through our system.

Inventory Management

With our smart inventory tracking you can be alerted when products and inventory are running low, so your office managers can order new equipment on time with no lag.

Supply Chain Tracking

Keep a close eye on your shipments and orders with our supply chain management software. With our IoT system, you can be alerted when shipments have left, and when they arrive.

Healthcare Manufacturing

Healthcare Manufacturing With our Healthcare IoT solution, you can make sure that all of your equipment meets proper industry standards, so that you can provide the best care for you patients.