SmartAgri - Robotic Gantry

Agricultural Gantry  Ideabytes

Product Summary

Automated 3-Axis Gantry mechanism that enables monitoring and remote intervention in Smart Agriculture deployments using edge based AI models. It is also capable of dispensing water, fertilizers and pesticides.

The Gantry is able to scan all the plants in a greenhouse environment using its vision module and in conjunction with Ideabytes Agri-IoT suite: static probes that measure soil moisture/temperature, ambient temperature/light levels and CO2levels is able to detect areas affected by disease or plant stress.

Suitable intervention can be made remotely using the on board spray head to disperse pesticide or other liquid formulations.


AIntegrated Track
based 3 Axis (Customized)

Android based
Edge AI Device

AI Capability
Neural Network - Vision
based Disease Detection
and Classification

Geared Stepper Drive

Spray Capability
PWM Controlled DC
Pump and Nozzle
System (10L Capacity)

Onboard Battery
24V 40AH Sealed Lead Acid

Battery Life
Based on Area to be Covered

Interaction Interface
Web Dashboard

SmartAgri: Static
Sensor Modules
Soil Sensor: Moisture
and Temperature

IAmbient Sensor: Barometric
Pressure, Temperature, Humidity,
CO2 and Light Levels

Sponsored by IRAP Canada