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AGLR - Agricultural Sensor

LRAGF - Agricultural Sensor Ideabytes

Product Summary

The AGLR - Agriculture sensor suite is capable of monitoring multiple parameters to optimize the growth of produce. It manages and monitors key parameters like atmospheric temperature, humidity, CO2, ambient light, barometric pressure, soil temperature, soil moisture. Monitoring, managing and maintaining the green house environment is achieved using mobile/ web applications. To mitigate poor data connectivity edge computation devices are also included in the solution.

AI technology used in early detection of plant diseases/distress. Suites available for tomatoes, cucumber and mushrooms.

Typical Uses:
  • Lowering fuel and energy consumption
  • Optimize fertilizer usage
  • Pest control on farms
  • Managing soil health
  • Minimizing equipment traffic
  • Maximizing water usage efficiency

DC Input Voltage

Sensor Model #

Temperature Range
-40°C ~ 120°C

Temperature Accuracy
± 0.5°C (-10~50°C)

Battery backup (15 Minutes Data
Upto 1 year

Atmospheric Temperature,
Humidity, CO2, Ambient light,
Barometric Pressure, Soil
Temperature, Soil Moisture

CO2 Measurement
0 – 40’000 ppm

CO2 Measuremen Accurac
0± 30ppm -

Humidity Range

Humidity Accuracy
± 3%RH

Light Measurement

Light Measurement
v 20%

Barometric Pressure
Measurement Range
300 to 1100hPa

Soil Temperature
Measurement Range
0 ~ 50°C

Soil Temperature
Measuremen Accuracy
± 0.5°C (-10~50°C)

Soil Moisture Measurement Range
0 ~ 100%

Soil Moisture
Measurement Accuracy
± 5%

  • External Antenna for better wireless Range

  • Plug&Play Device

  • Ideal for all types of agricultural Farming, poultrys etc.

  • Web/Mobile(Android, IOS) Application

  • Remote Monitoring Dashboard

  • Alerts, Analytics, Device Management, User Management, Parameter Rules Management

  • Daily/Weekly/Scheduled Reports

  • LoRa 868/915MHz Node

  • Alerts, Analytics, Device Management, User Management, Parameter Rules Management

  • Mail/Mobile Notification Alerts

  • Web/mobile App., Dashboard, Reports, Alerts

  • Wi-Fi network (optional)


  • Internal Li-Ion 2200mAh battery with under/over protection

  • In-built battery charger

  • Communication Range between Gateway and Node in open area Upto 850 Meters

* LoRa Sensor Node requires LoRa gateway to push data to cloud
* LoRa Gateway sold seperately