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IoT evolving Agriculture Profitability & Yield

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Harvesting the best produce, with the highest yield and at the right time with optimum resources results in the highest profitability. We all know that. Is that achievable today in agriculture? We believe it is with the technological advancement in IoT and Ai for farming.
IoT is like a conductor of beautiful music, ensuring each of the member of the Orchestra does their part in perfect harmony. Light, water, fertilizer, temperature, humidity, CO2, pollination at the right time in the right amount is key for the desired outcome. Control of each parameter is managed by IoT solutions, like DGTrak™.

LBGW - LoRa/ BLE Gateway Ideabytes

While a recipe may be tried and true, the chef always samples their creation in the making and adding a pinch of this and a dash of that – for a perfect dish! DGTrak™, synchronizes each of the parameters, monitoring the growth from seedling to harvest. Ai processing of growth imagery compute growth rate, identify any bacterial or fungal risks, adjust parameters in real-time to achieve optimum yield.

Take mushroom farming as an example. Mushrooms have 6 distinct phases of growth and each phase requires a different set of control parameters (moisture, light, humidity) to get the highest yield. Manually processing a multitude of variables is not realistic and static algorithms don’t cut it either. What is needed is automated continuous data collection using IoT sensors along Ai models detecting issues for quick adjustments and remedial actions to ensure optimal results.

Companies like Ideabytes® Inc specialize in data collection, consolidation and processing with platforms like DGTrak™ and developing IoT sensors such as IBSmart™ to provide a turnkey solution for farmers in Greenhouses or Open field cultivation. IoT sensors are created specifically for the agricultural environment, providing reliability and accuracy. These sensors work by collecting data on temperature, humidity, environmental, soil parameters, growth tracking and water levels, and automatically provide analytics to farm managers to optimize growing conditions.

The systems can be managed over a web-browser or a dedicated application, so it can be viewed and controlled anywhere, anytime where internet is available. Ideabytes solutions are perfect for industrial farming and greenhouses.

What sets DGTrak™ aside from other smart agricultural system companies, is their innovative AI system adaptations. DGTrak™smart sensors are able to provide not only the raw data for farm managers to view, but also provide AI driven insights and suggestions to maximize the system efficiency. This AI system can detect anomalies in the fruit and vegetable growth, soil contaminations, and more. So, if there is an issue with the system, or if something is not running optimally, managers will be alerted right away for remedial actions.

LBGW - LoRa/ BLE Gateway Ideabytes

By using smart farming techniques, farmers can maximize their produce yields. Smart IoT systems with Ai can help with optimization from crop planting to harvesting, saving farmers time and money which ultimately increases the bottom line and profit margins.
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Anna Anthony
February 2, 2021